Although a few neon signs could be found in Malta prior to the Second World War, imported neon was introduced to Malta commercially in 1952 by three unique individuals who began operating under the name Neonglow.

Mentored by expert Italian craftsmen, Neonglow’s founder Mr. John Farrugia industrialised neon tubing locally, and this along with his painstaking handmade process made him a pioneer of neon signage manufacturing in Malta.

In time, due to fierce competition and price wars, Neonglow amalgamated with RTC Neon, a competing company. Mr. Runza headed the newly amalgamated company now trading under one name, RTC Neonglow.

After financial difficulties faced by RTC Neonglow, John Farrugia decided to purchase some of the company’s equipment and together with the help of his son Emmanuel, they established their own workshop.

Now in its third generation of business, Neonglow is a full-service sign company. Neonglow has been a leader in the sign fabrication for over sixty years, bringing new standards in the sign industry. The Team at Neonglow are sign designers, builders, installers – people who take pride in their work, who combine technological expertise with the values of craftsmanship to bring their customers the finest design, quality fabrication, installation, and maintenance.

Our Design Philosophy

As Malta’s Premier Signmakers, our designs and products are not based on today’s landfill design methodology, which provides products that fade into obsolescence after a brief product life cycle. We design products to last and provide many years of good service with minimal maintenance.